Bohemian Jewelry Trends for the Summer Sun

The Stone Age

Are you ready to shine in the summer sun? From long walks on the beach to late nights out partying, you can always count on a beautiful set of coloured stones and gems to complete the look. It’s got just the right balance of grounding and pizzaz to work beautifully with any summer outfit.
With the glittering stones of your jewellery glinting in the sunlight, there isn’t much that you can’t do. The beauty of this style is that you can pick from a wide range of beautiful stones that vary in style, vibe and color and are all just as gorgeous. Our Mineral Stone Hoops, for instance, are perfect if what you want is something simple and elegant, with a brilliant pop of colour.
Stone jewellery is elegant but also has a touch of the summer fun that we love so much. It is versatile and adaptable and a great go-to accessory, because whatever the occasion, you are bound to find something set in stone as a perfect fit. 

50 Shades of Fun

In the warmth of the summer, everything seems a little brighter, including the jewellery. Summer is all about the bold and the beautiful. From the ice lollies in primary colours to the boldly patterned beachwear, there is colour bursting through the seams in the summertime. So, play along and accessorize in line with the vibrancy of the season.
Take out your brightest, most eccentric pieces and go completely crazy. Throw it back to some gorgeous bohemian fashion with our Wide Tassel Earrings in aqua or dark red or add a spring of colour with some cute little Pompom Earrings. Don’t shy away from the statement pieces and make the most the summer freedom. Mix and match with different colors because there are no rules when you are on vacation.
Go big, go loud and most importantly have fun with it. Express yourself in every shade and hue possible. Oranges and reds for the summer heat or deep blues and greens for the glimmering ocean. Anything is possible under the sun.

Au Naturel

Every coin has two sides. And behind the exuberant exterior of summer is the quieter, more minimalistic, earthy side to the season - the essence of summer. This is a side that is light and airy, more subtle like a summer breeze, and we have just the accessories to match it.
This kind of jewellery has an inherent lightness and charm to it which fits in well with the freeing spirit of the summer. Natural material jewellery is a great option for the summer. Not only is it super cute and aesthetic, but also it has a ton of benefits. These gorgeous materials like bamboo and rattan are completely environmentally safe and biodegradable -  a great way to integrate an eco-friendly outlook with fashion.
Go all-natural with earrings in bamboo or ratan, a simple and elegant choice for the summer. Our Triangle Wood Earrings are crisp, clean, and earthy while our Rattan Earrings Mandala are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit on any occasion. The variety available in this kind of jewellery of natural material is amazing and the styles are extremely dynamic making them a great addition to all kinds of outfits
Jewellery made of natural material is also completely biocompatible and non-irritating to the skin, making it great for people prone to allergic reactions or with sensitive skin. Wood, for instance, is a natural antibacterial and also has antimicrobial properties that really benefit the wearers. This kind of jewellery is also extremely lightweight, which makes them great for prolonged wear or long days out in the sun.
Natural material jewellery is our way of bringing humans and the Earth closer together. The natural browns and tans of these gorgeous pieces are an ode to nature at its absolute best. It is stylish and honest with the simple clarity of the summertime. 

Bigger the Hoop…

A summertime classic, hoops are fun, playful and super versatile. You can dress them up or down, and go as big or small as you’d like with them. Whether it is an outdoor picnic with family or a formal dinner at work, hoops will never let you down. These stylish pieces can make any outfit look absolutely stunning.
Our oh so boho Acetate Wavy Hoop Earrings call forth an image of the ocean and are the perfect set of accessories for that summer sea goddess look. The style is cool, chic, and it is practically impossible to go wrong with it. Timeless and a forever favourite, if you are ever in doubt, hoops are most definitely the way to go. 

Flower Power

A trusty friend that can breathe life into the simplest of outfits, nothing says summer more than flowers. From dainty little daisies to big, bold floral patterns, flowers are vibrant with variety. With pretty colours reminiscent of the natural world, flowers make for a great spring or summer accessory. 
Simple and sweet, our Wooden Flower Rattan Earrings are gorgeous and summery, perfect for a fun day out. Flowers are dynamic and vibrant, which makes them a perfect symbol of the many-sides of summer. They are also a great nod to the hippies and free-spirits of the 60s and 70s that we adore. Our Acrylic Flower Petal Earrings in a gorgeous coral capture the lightness of the summertime, like sunlight filtering through glass.
It is pretty and uncomplicated - sort of like the summer that we all dream of having.

Sunkissed and Summer Ready

The summer is an exciting time of the year. A time when you can get lost and find yourself all over again, go on adventures and be your best self. ‘Tis the season for gladiator sandals, bathing suits and boho jewellery. Summer is hot but so are it’s accessories. And with these fun trends, you are in for a pretty amazing, hot girl summer. 
So, whether you are looking for something different for your summer vacay or are just shopping for the heck of it (because who doesn’t love jewellery shopping), these gorgeous earrings have got your back. Summer is beautiful and vibrant and relaxed, and our simple summer accessories are designed to evoke just that. They are stylish yet subtle and great addition to any collection of jewellery. After all, a girl can never have too many pairs of earrings.
So, whether you’re sightseeing in a brand new city or busting out some moves at that indie music festival, these pieces will make you shine all summer long. So, it’s time to get summer-ready and look absolutely fabulous with Ellevoke by your side.

The Ellevoke Spirit

At Ellevoke we strive to achieve that balance between the natural and the refined. We believe in sustainable fashion and constant innovation and our key focus is to be an environmentally friendly company through our designs, the materials that we use and our packaging. 
With our natural material jewellery, we put these beliefs into action and make forward steps into the world of sustainable fashion. 
In addition to all of the benefits that these naturally sourced materials can offer to their wearers, these pieces are also extraordinarily versatile and trendy - each one uniquely different from the other. 
Materials like bamboo, rattan and wood also have known benefits not only to the wearer but also to nature. After all, what comes from the earth will eventually go back to it
Much of what we do is rooted in nature and in the charming and spirited bohemian fashion. We look for simplicity, charm, elegance and above all timelessness in our designs. When it comes to creating, we look to the earth for our inspiration and hope to give back in equal amounts. 

Your Ellevoke Team