About Us

At Ellevoke we strive to achieve that balance between the natural and the refined. We believe in sustainable fashion and constant innovation and our key focus is to be an environmentally friendly company through our designs, the materials that we use and our packaging.

With our natural material jewellery, we put these beliefs into action and make forward steps into the world of sustainable fashion.

In addition to all of the benefits that these naturally sourced materials can offer to their wearers, these pieces are also extraordinarily versatile and trendy - each one uniquely different from the other.

Materials like bamboo, rattan and wood also have known benefits not only to the wearer but also to nature. After all, what comes from the earth will eventually go back to it.

Much of what we do is rooted in nature and in the charming and spirited bohemian fashion. We look for simplicity, charm, elegance and above all timelessness in our designs. When it comes to creating, we look to the earth for our inspiration and hope to give back in equal amounts.

Your Ellevoke Team